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Our Service User Testimonials

At Goodwin Healthcare Services we are very proud of the high quality care and support we provide to our service users. Below, our service users, their friends and families and fellow professionals, share their experiences of one of North Lincolnshire’s leading healthcare providers. 

“They are lovely people. They are all so caring when they come; it is like having friends come to visit. The staff always respect my privacy and dignity, treating me the way they would want to be treated themselves. I was with a different agency before, but this one is so much better and the girls are so professional and competent. Based on my previous experience, I had no idea care could be as good as what I get now.”

“I can’t fault them, I would never change from my current agency.”

“They first came to support me after a stay in hospital; they were extremely good then and continue to be. They are excellent in their moving and handling techniques and are knowledgeable and competent, which is very reassuring.”

“They are very good with their timekeeping.”

“When I first started with them, they came out to see me and talked to me about what I wanted as well as what I needed. They listened to me and have provided what I requested; what else can I ask for?”

“They [staff] always ask what we want and we tell them. They involve us all the time.”

“We worked closely together, [my relative] has trusted them implicitly and they [staff] are respectful, reliable and kind and provide very good care.”

“We are involved in making decisions about the care we receive; we are fully consulted, but more importantly, we are listened to.”

“They listen to other professionals who are involved in our care, I can’t praise them enough.”

“The agency is very flexible and are able to work with me when this needs to be arranged. This means that I can do things for myself, and re charge my batteries knowing [my spouse] is in good hands and safe. I actually went on holiday, which is something I would never have considered previously.”

“I have very good staff; it is a good service. They come when they say they will and they leave when they are supposed to.”

“They are very efficient and organised and they are skilled to do the tasks asked of them. I have a small consistent team, all of whom provide an excellent standard of care to me.”

There have been no problems and I do feel completely safe.”

“I am really happy with everything, I know I can call the office at any time to ask for advice or request changes and they will help me.”

“We worked as a team together the family and the carers, involving everyone in discussions and decisions.”

“Some of the people they work with have very complex needs. One service user had been to every other care agency and none had been able to sustain them. When they came here, although there were issues raised by the service user, they were willing to work with them and myself to resolve these. They have successfully been supporting them for over two years now.” A Professional

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